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This week's deal!

We launch a new deal every Monday at Noon CST. Don't miss out, quantities are limited!


The deal this week is a Columbia Savage X-Out.


An x-out is a ball that is considered of second quality because of a cosmetic blemish, discoloration, long/short pin placements.  An x-out is of the same quality performance wise of a first quality but at a cheaper price.  Performance is identical!  


With the new USBC rules involving static weights in effect, long and short pins won't limit drilling options!  


Core: Savage
Coverstock: Exciter Solid
Finish: 500/2000 AbralonTM
Conditions: Medium - Heavy Oil
Reaction: Aggressive Midlane w/ Continuous Backend
13# RG 2.53 Diff .055
14# RG 2.52 Diff .050
15# RG 2.49 Diff .051
16# RG 2.50 Diff .044
Mass Bias: .016


Only 9 remaining!


Shipping: FREE

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